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26 May. 2015

IDAL took part in the 6th session of the Arab Chinese Businessmen Conference that took place in Phoenicia, Beirut. Apart from our booth presence throughout the conference, we organized a workshop the second day of the conference covering a keynote speech by Chairman Nabil Itani, a presentation on Lebanon's investment climate, opportunities and incentives as well as a panel discussion headed by Mr.Itani on "Lebanon: Promising Investment Opportunities in the Framework of the Economic Belt of the Silk Road".


18 May. 2015

IDAL participated in the “The Mexican-Lebanese Business Relations Development” conference, jointly organized by the Mexican Embassy in Beirut and the RDCL. In its presentation, IDAL focused on the investment opportunities available in Lebanon in front of a Mexican business delegation who have expressed the interest in investing in Lebanon.

IDAL`s presentation also focused on the comparative advantages of the country, and the incentives that each investor can take advantage of.


13 May. 2015

IDAL, represented by Chairman Nabil Itani, was present this year in Cannes to promote for the Lebanese film industry. We took part in a roundtable discussion at the dedicated Lebanese pavilion on the 'new drive of Lebanese cinema' where academics and professionals commented on the evolution of feature films and documentaries and the new initiatives to stimulate the sector across the financing, distribution, and promotion fields.


We also attended screenings of Lebanese films:


Screening of "Rough-Cuts", a selection of excerpts from movies in postproduction and distribution

  • The road, by Rana Salem
  • The other side of November, by Maryanne Zehil
  • Nour, by Khalil Zaarour
  • Heatwave, by Joyce Nashawati


Screening of « Film ktir kbeer»: A feature narrative directed by Mir Jean Bou Chaaya and produced by Kabreet Productions.


05 May. 2015

IDAL participated at the Arab Economic Forum, held on May 5, 2015 at the Phoenicia Hotel. The chairman Eng. Nabil Itani headed the fourth session, which focused on the future of investment in the Arab world and how to enhance the business environment in the region.

Itani stressed the need for investment cooperation between the Arab countries and the promotion of mutual investments through the identification of opportunities, potential and promising sectors in each of the Arab countries. He also stressed the necessity of supporting local investors and retaining them, enhancing the after-care services, communicating with the Arab expatriates in all countries of the world, and promoting the region as a whole, with its natural resources, human competencies and consumers` markets.

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