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In addition to its role as Investment Promotion Agency, IDAL is entrusted by the Investment Law No.360 with the support and promotion of Lebanese goods, in particular agricultural products and materials used in the Agro Industry as well as other Lebanese products.


Based on this, IDAL has launched since 2001 a series of programs aimed at promoting Lebanese goods internationally and supporting exporters access new markets. More specifically, IDAL has been responsible for: 


  • Helping Lebanese companies grow their business in international markets through providing technical assistance and training on international requirements as well as financial support
  • Providing access to global bids to increase awareness on opportunities in regional and international markets
  • Providing access to studies on regional and global markets of interest to exporters 


Lebanon’s unique strategic position as a crossroad between Asia, Africa and Europe and its long standing of free trade and exchange system, have enabled it to become a major trade and business hub for the region. Trade has constituted a significant source of both income and employment, and is an important pillar of the Lebanese economy accounting for 27.5% of the country’s GDP. The abundance of agriculture produce and competitive agro-industrial products, coupled with a competitive and free market regime and a strong laissez-faire commercial tradition, makes Lebanon an ideal place to export from.




Today Lebanon’s main exported commodities are Base metals (25.8%) Vegetables and Fruits Products (19.6%); Prepared foodstuffs (15.5%); Chemicals (15%); and Pulp of wood and papers (5.7%). The country is well known for its agricultural produce, particularly citrus, grapes, tomatoes, apples, vegetables, potatoes and olives.


Lebanon’s primary export partners are: Turkey (21.3%); Syria (15.9%); KSA (6.1%); Egypt (5.1%); Kuwait (4.7%); UAE (4.4%); Iraq (3.9%) and Bangladesh (3.8%).

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