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IDAL is run by a Chairman/General Manager and a Board of Directors comprised of 6 members from the private sector.

Nabil Itani
Chairman - General Manager
Mr. Nabil Itani was born in 1953. He is currently the Chairman and General Manager of the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL). His career spans over three decades of professional achievements, contribution to the architectural profession, and service to Lebanon. An accomplished architect and architectural consultant, his professional experience is wide-ranging encompassing design and supervision of landmark projects in Lebanon and the Arab World, as well as affiliations, academic posts, publications, and conference presentations. His contributions in official committees and in the drafting of major proposals have had positive ramifications on investment, architecture, and administrative practice in Lebanon. 
Georges A. Kassab
Full-time Board Member
Mr. Georges Kassab was born in 1952. He holds a Bachelor degree in Lebanese and French Law, and a Masters degree in Political Science from Saint Joseph University. He has managerial experience as an executive and director to the Beirut Shipping and Trading Company and the Industrial Corporation for Aluminum and a board member in the representative offices of Samsung – Africa (Benin & Togo).
Mourched F. Hage Chahine
Board Member
Mr. Mourched F. Hage Chahine was born in 1966. He graduated from Saint Joseph University in Agronomy Engineering. Mr. Hage Chahine deals with numerous activities in the fields of agriculture, imports and exports of goods to Europe and the Middle East, in addition to being a sole dealer of several brands. 
Wassim G. Audi
Board Member
Mr. Wassim Audi holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering (1980) from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Mr. Audi has over 22 years of professional experience in construction management for major civil engineering works, of which 15 years of service in renowned companies such as NCI, Saudi Oger, ARAMCO, and others in Saudi Arabia. Mr. Audi was appointed project manager for the Solid Waste Environmental Management Projects (SWEMP) of the World Bank in Lebanon in 2001.
Farid N. El Kheshen
Board Member
Mr. Farid El Kheshen was born in 1960. He graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology in 1986, where he acquired a Bachelor and a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has experience as an environmental engineer in the New York Department of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Water Supply and Wastewater Collection. And as a Section Chief of the Contract Support Unit. After his return to Lebanon in 1995, Mr. El Kheshen held the position of project manager with Zakhem Engineers. 
Ramzi A. El Hafez
Board Member
Mr. Ramzi El Hafez was born in 1959. He holds a Bachelor of Science and a Masters degree in Industrial Engineering, in addition to an MBA in Finance and Banking from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. Mr. El Hafez is the founder of InfoPro, a publishing and business research company.  He is also the founder of the Center of Economic Information, and a board member and secretary of the National Council of Tourism and serves on the board of directors of the Entrepreneurial Development Foundation, Al-Majmou’a micro-credit organization, and the Institute for Media Arts. 
Nacib M. Hoteit, Ph.D.
Government Commissioner
Dr. Nacib Hoteit was born in 1960. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the Beirut Arab University and a Higher Education Diploma in Landscape Engineering from the Lebanese University and later earned his Doctorate in Architecture from the University of Moscow (MYZ). Dr. Hoteit’s experience includes the construction of schools in the Bekaa region, in addition to the execution of several real-estate projects. He has also worked as the director of Al Nassib Center for studies in engineering and consultancy. 


The Studies, Planning and Statistics Directorate is mainly responsible for preparing studies, researches, documents, statistics and suggestions in relation to the investment climate in Lebanon and opportunities for investment in various sectors. It is also involved in providing economic, commercial and industrial information, in view of assisting local and foreign investors in investing in various sectors. 


On the policy and planning front, the directorate coordinates with public and private entities to identify key issues hindering investments and recommends legislative and policy changes in that regard. It also undertakes research on growth promising sectors to be promoted by IDAL, identifies potential investment opportunities, and recommends policy changes to foster investments in these sectors.


To cater to those needs, IDAL has put in place an investor’s matchmaking platform to assist investors in identifying new opportunities and in forming joint-ventures or other forms of partnerships with prospective investors.


Lina Fakhoury
Juliette El-Khoury
Media Editor
Mohsen El Amine
Project Coordinator

The Information and Promotion Directorate is responsible for promoting investment opportunities in Lebanon and for handling image-building initiatives. In that regard, the directorate undertakes all marketing and communications efforts such as awareness campaigns, investment missions, conferences and seminars, and all public and media relations for IDAL.


The directorate is also responsible for assisting in the support, promotion and marketing of Lebanese exports, in particular, agricultural products and material used in the agro-industry as well as agro-industrial products.


Nadim Makdessi
Mosbah Istambouli
Carmen Diab
Head of Aftercare Services Department

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) Directorate is responsible for processing the application of investors applying for IDAL’s incentives, and providing relevant assessment to the Board of Directors. For projects governed by this law, the Authority shall exclusively supersede all public administrations, authorities and municipalities in issuing required administrative permits and licenses, except for those granted by the Council of Ministers.


The directorate is also tasked with monitoring the progress of investment projects through its aftercare unit, and supporting investors in dealing with bottlenecks.


Incentives granted by the OSS are based on a set of criteria included in Investment Law No. 360.


Amira Mourad
Head of Budget & Financial Reporting Unit
Rana Slaibi
Head of Accounting Unit
Dania Zarkout
Head of Administrative Affairs Unit
Ghada Moubarak
Head of the Board Secretariat Unit
George Oubari
IT Manager

The Finance & Administrative Affairs Directorate is in charge of general administration matters such as accounting and budgeting, procurement, legal affairs, human resources, secretary and information technology.


Leila Sawaya El Khoury
UNDP Project Manager - Economic Advisor


Walid Hanna
Legal Advisor