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About IDAL
What is IDAL's current strategy?

The main role of IDAL is promote and encourage investment in Lebanon. It is a non-profit government institution, reporting to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers whose main aim is to attract, facilitate, and retain investments in the country. Our current strategy focuses on attracting investments to Lebanon’s potential sectors, including: industry, agriculture, agro-industry, tourism, information technology, technology, telecommunication and media.

Where do I find help and information when/while establishing a business in Lebanon?
It depends on the type of information and investment project. If you are looking for general information on the investment climate in Lebanon or specific information about how to create a company and get permits and necessary licenses, then we are the right institution for you. Our team of sector specialists and legal advisors will help you in your investment decision and will provide you with a range of investment support services.
Is there any difficulty in obtaining permits and licenses required ?
No. IDAL, aims to facilitate the process for the investor especially on obtaining licenses and permits by providing comprehensive services through its One Stop Shop Directorate to ensure any difficulties are overcome and transactions are up to speed. In addition, IDAL has issued an "Investor's Guide to Licenses and Permits” which includes all licenses, documents, and steps you need to go through to set up your business in Lebanon.
Does IDAL provide funding?

IDAL does not fund investment projects, however, it provides financial incentives to those projects that meet specific eligibility criteria. These financial incentives might include exemption from tax breaks for up to 10 years, 50% reduction on work and residence permit fees, and free land registration. To find out if your project is eligible to benefit from those incentives please check our "Investment Incentives" page.

If you are interested in funding institutions, please check our "Financing your Business" page.

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