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08 Feb. 2017

In the framework of the support to the productive Lebanese sectors, the Chairman of IDAL Eng. Nabil Itani inaugurated the Lebanese pavilion at Fruit Logistica exhibition which is held in Germany on 8, 9 and 10 February, 2017, in the presence of Lebanese Ambassador Mostafa Adib.
This pavilion, organized by the Federation of Lebanese Chambers for the seventh consecutive year under IDAL`s sponsorship, extends to 77 square meters. Eng. Itani highlighted that the Lebanese pavilion at Fruit Logistica falls under the unconditional and full support to the productive sectors, including the agricultural sector. He stressed that the Lebanese agriculture is bursting with many promising opportunities and potential, and show readiness for growth, especially that there are many sectors which still not exploit as required. The number of Lebanese participants totaled 49 exporters and 14 companies dealing with Lebanese fresh produce and related services.


02 Feb. 2017

The Chairman of IDAL Eng. Nabil Itani, along with a delegation from the institution, took part at the Lebanese Diaspora Energy Conference (LDE), held in Johannesburg on February 2 and 3, 2017. Eng. Itani delivered a keynote speech during the “Bringing the Investments between Diaspora and Lebanon” session, asserting that Lebanon still enjoy many competitive advantages that contribute to the preservation of a good investment climate, thus maintaining positive levels of foreign direct investment, which reached 2.3 billion dollars  in 2015. Eng. Itani held gatherings with several Lebanese expatriate figures in Africa, and met with officials from the South African Gauteng Growth and Development Agency.


24 Jan. 2017

IDAL's Chairman Eng. Nabil Itani welcomed an Egyptian delegation headed by Fathi Abdel Azim, advisor to the Minister of International Cooperation for Arab and African Affairs. Discussions tackled ways to enhance economic relations, and specifically investments, between Egypt and Lebanon, prior to the Mutual Lebanese Egyptian Higher Committee meeting. Itani called upon enhancement of cooperation in the light of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between IDAL and GAFI, and holding a Lebanese - Egyptian joint meeting in order to discuss the future steps.


22 Dec. 2016

Chairman of IDAL Eng. Nabil Itani met today with the Saudi Chargé d'affaires Mr. Walid Bukhari. Discussions tackled the enhancement of ways of cooperation, in the light of the historical ties between the two countries. Saudi Arabia is known to be the first trade partner to Lebanon.

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