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25 Jun. 2017

 As part of its support to the productive sectors, particularly the agro-food industry, IDAL sponsored the Lebanese Pavilion at the Fancy Food Show, which took place in New York on June 25, 2017. IDAL`s Chairman Eng. Nabil Itani stressed the importance of this initiative, which aims at providing the means of support for the participation of Lebanese agro-food industries in such exhibitions, especially that the US market is very promising. He stated that the objective of this participation is to introduce Lebanese products to US markets and to increase their exports to that country, as well as the introduction to novelties in the production and packaging fields, in addition to the creation of an exchange platform between exporters and commercial centers in both Americas.


15 Jun. 2017

Under the patronage and presence of Prime Minister Saad Hariri, IDAL held a coordination meeting today at the Grand Serail During Chairman Nabil Itani, announced the renewal of the M.Leb program.
In his speech, Prime Minister Hariri assured constant support for the productive sectors. Ministers of Industry, Agriculture and Economy also gave their input on the export matter. Eng. Itani revealed the results achieved in enhancing Lebanese exports and ensuring their continuity flow into their traditional markets. He announced that the volume of exports made through the program in a year and a half amounted to 103,853 tons.


13 Jun. 2017

IDAL's Chairman Mr. Nabil Itani, visited the port of Tripoli to oversee the preparations for the M.Leb program renewal. Itani visited first the Chamber of Commerce in Tripoli, and then headed to the port where he toured a number of ferries shipping cargo predestined to export in preparation for the recommencement of work. The program had a positive impact on several sectors, including agriculture, small industries and transport. It also impacted land fleet, which resumed work after a total stop due to the closure of the land borders.


01 Jun. 2017

IDAL's Chairman Eng. Nabil Itani, met with the President of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Tripoli, Mr. Toufic Dabboussi, in the presence of a number of businessmen from the region. Itani toured the quality control laboratories at the headquarters of the chamber, where he checked the international food safety quality standards that are applied to ensure a high quality product. He also visited a preparatory workshop for agro food industry facilities in Cheka.

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