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Media Gallery
Workshop hosting the Minister of Industry Dr. Imad Hoballah (27 May 2020)
IDAL Provides Agrotica a Package of Incentives (13 May 2020)
How to register your business in Lebanon (1 July 2019)
What are the risks of not registering your company (1 July 2019)
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How you should protect your intellectual property (1 July 2019)
Launching of the Investment policy Review for Lebanon (6 March 2019)
UNCTAD IPR Launch Interviews (6 March 2019)
Business Support Unit at IDAL
Lebanon Towards a Knowledge Economy
IDAL: What we can do for you
Invest in Lebanon Documentary
GITEX 2018 (17 Oct. 2018)
GITEX 2018 (14 Oct. 2018)
EUs TAIEX Expert Mission in Lebanon (4-5 Oct. 2018)
TAIEX Workshop (4-5 Oct. 2018)
TAIEX Workshop (4 Oct. 2018)
Strategic Planning for Startups Workshop (27 Sept. 2018)
IDAL visits Higher Metn for Investment Opportunities (18 Sept. 2018)
Business Pitching Workshop (6 Sept. 2018)
Legal Basics for Startups Workshop in Saida (2 Aug. 2018)
IDAL visiting Packing Houses in the South (26 July 2018)
IDAL's Business Support Unit in Tripoli (4 July 2018)
Tax and Accounting Workshop at BIAT Tripoli (4 July 2018)
Marketing Basics for Startups workshop (2 July 2018)
Business Plan Workshop (6 June 2018)
Interview with Mr. Mohamad Jamal from the Lebanese Diaspora 2018
Intellectual Property Rights Workshop (15 May 2018)
IDAL and Bank Audi Supports Souk El Tayeb (10 May 2018)
National and Regional Conference with the OECD (17-21 Apr. 2018)
DGC Dubai (12-13 Apr. 2018)
Annual Investment Meeting in Dubai (9-10 Apr. 2018)
IDAL at the LDE in Sydney 2018 (7-12 Mar. 2018)
IDAL Launches its Business Support Unit (19 Feb. 2018)
IDAL AT GITEX (8-12 Oct. 2017)
IDAL interviews NADA EL HOUT 2017
IDAL interviews JAWHARA CHAHINE 2017
IDAL interviews SAHAR ARNAOUT 2017
IDAL interviews GHADA BALLOUT 2017
IDAL Press Dinner (7 Mar. 2017)
M Leb Relaunch at the Grand Serail (15 June 2017)
Chairman of IDAL Nabil Itani on the Film Industry in Lebanon 2017
Christian Oussi talks about Lebanon's Media Sector 2017
Roger Moukarzel Talks About Lebanon's Media Sector 2017
IDAL 15 Years of Achievements
15 Years Anniversary (19 Apr. 2016)
"Export to Russia" Workshop (14 Nov. 2014)
Special Episode on Arab Woman TV with the Chairman Nabil Itani 2014
Launch Event (12 Mar. 2013)
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