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  • The sector accounts for around 7.5% of national output and employs around 140,000 people, or the equivalent of 25% of the local labor force.
  • It is the second largest employer after the public sector, ahead of other economic sectors.
  • It encompasses more than 15 sub-sectors which range in importance in terms of their contribution to GDP and employment. The Food & Beverage sector contributes the highest to industrial sector output (26%), followed by 12% for the Metal & Metal Products sub-sector, 11.7% for the Other non-metallic mineral products, 11% for the Electrical machinery and apparatus, followed by Furniture & Wood Products.
  • Key exported products in 2016 include: Base metals and articles of base metal (20%), Prepared Foodstuffs (18.3%), Products of chemical and allied industries (13.6%), followed by other sub-sector with lower share of total.
  • Key export destinations in 2016 include: Turkey (20.2%), Syria (16.3%), Saudi Arabia(5.05%), Iraq (5.1%) and Italy (3.5%).
  • Industrial exports hovered at 2.79 USD Billion by end of 2016.


  • Institutional Support: organized sector with the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) very active in promoting the interests of its stakeholders.
  • Multiple financial facilities provided by the government:
    • 50% exemption on tariff duties at export,
    • 2% custom duties for machinery, equipment, spare parts and building material imported for the setting up of new industrial firms,
    • 0% custom duties for textiles, semi-manufactured goods and raw materials,
    • Fiscal exemptions granted by IDAL which can run up to 100% exemptions on corporate income tax for a period up to 10 years for industrial companies,
  • Signing of multiple bilateral and multilateral agreements which have had a positive impact on the improved access to markets for Lebanese exports in external markets.
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