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16 May. 2017

IDAL spearheaded the participation of 8 companies in the Technology sector at the Investment and Innovation Forum, part of the Arabnet Digital Summit in Dubai. 
This sponsorship came in harmony with what the Lebanese government is trying to do : to open new markets for them, introduce them to potential investors and to promote for their exports.
Simultaneously, Nabil Itani, Chairman of IDAL participated at the Digital Policy round-table for government officials on "Stimulating Innovation and Entrepreneurship" held on the margins of the Summit.



11 May. 2017

As a strategic partner, IDAL sponsored the Smartex Conference and Exhibition, which was inaugurated under the patronage of Minister of Telecommunications Mr. Gamal Al Jarrah. In his speech during the opening ceremony, IDAL`s Chairman Eng. Nabil Itani focused on the importance of the ICT sector and its role in contributing to the development of the productive sectors. He also tackled innovation and entrepreneurship and the role of young people in launching creative ideas and turning these ideas into projects.


10 May. 2017

A Swedish businessmen delegation visited the Chairman of IDAL Eng. Nabil Itani to explore the investment and business climate in Lebanon. Eng. Itani said that Lebanon is endowed with many advantages that enable it to play a key role in the Middle East as a hub for business from which foreign companies can penetrate regional countries. The Swedish delegation considered that the openness of Lebanon is an important foundation that contributes to strengthening economic relations, especially investments between the two countries.


04 May. 2017

IDAL participated at the fourth edition of the Lebanese Diaspora Energy (LDE) conference organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants. During his intervention, IDAL`s Chairman Eng. Nabil Itani declared that Lebanon still enjoys many competitive advantages which contribute in maintaining an attractive investment climate. He called the expatriates to invest in Lebanon and benefit from its advantages and opportunities, strengthen Lebanon's foreign trade, take advantage of the potential and services provided by Lebanese institutions and forge real productive partnerships between foreign and Lebanese institutions.

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