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News and Events


12 May. 2013

IDAL participated at a recent trade mission in the Netherlands from 12-16 May. The 5-days mission included field trips to prominent  Dutch companies, the Netherlands Agency, business to business meetings organized by the Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Lebanese Embassy, as well as a visit to Venlo, a region abundant with investment opportunities.

IDAL was represented in this trade mission by Chairman Nabil Itani and board member Mourched Hajj Chahine.


30 Apr. 2013

In this issue you will find information on how IDAL is supporting startups along with a brief on four projects in the tourism, information technology, and services sector that might open soon in Lebanon and benefit from IDAL’s incentive scheme.
This issue also highlights the major events we took part in, in the month of April.

To download this issue, please click here.


26 Apr. 2013

The Center for Entrepreneurship at the Beirut Arab University and Start Up Weekend are organizing a start-up weekend in the North to encourage regional equality and equal opportunities from 26-28 April.


The aim of this event is to teach and promote entrepreneurship in local communities. It will bring developers, designers, marketers, product managers and startup enthusiasts together to share ideas, form teams, build products and launch startups. North Startup Weekend will begin with open-mic  60-second pitches that result in the formation of small teams around the best, most viable concepts.Team spend a Saturday and Sunday focusing on customer development, validating their ideas and building prototypes with the help of experienced mentors. On Sunday, teams demo their products and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts.


23 Apr. 2013

Global ICT firm Ericsson has opened a new local business support center. The center will serve Ericsson’s Business Support Systems (BSS) operations around the world. It will promote the firm’s services among telecommunications companies and mobile operators.  Tarek Saadi, President of Ericsson, North Middle East, said the center will benefit from the local talent to serve Ericsson’s global network: “The Lebanese workforce has many advantages in terms of culture, aptitude, and knowhow. Moreover there is a well-trained Ericsson team working locally.”

Ten similar centers are available worldwide in key countries, including Ericsson’s headquarters in Sweden. “Within the current situation, Lebanon is considered among the safest countries in the region, and security concerns will not stop our faith in our new investment,” Saadi said.


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