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14 Nov. 2016

Under the Patronage of IDAL's chairman Eng. Nabil  Itani, the AMAN Union held its 7th Annual Meeting in Beirut, on November 14th, 2016.  The Meeting brought together a group of international and regional experts and professionals to discuss important topics in the insurance and reinsurance sector, export credit, trade finance and the challenges facing those areas. In his speech, Eng. Itani elucidated the role of IDAL in the support of Lebanese exports, which contributes not only in the marketing of the Lebanese products but also in the enhancement of Lebanon`s foreign trade and the compensation of the imports and exports balance deficit.


03 Nov. 2016

IDAL's Chairman Eng. Nabil Itani declared that Europe and the Arab world are sharing several advantages with distinctive historical and economic relationships, pointing out that there are common challenges faced by the two regions resulting from serious economic crisis, caused by wars, terrorism and the decline of oil prices. Participating at the Economic Arab-European conference, organized by the Al-Iktissad wal Aamal Group under the auspices of the President and the Prime Minister of the Hellenic Republic with the presence of European and Arab officials, Itani called upon strengthening the cooperation between the two regions through the removal of barriers allowing a free inflow of goods, people and money, the set-up of strategies that would mobilize manpower and encourage entrepreneurship, as well as the support of investors, protection and maintenance of their investment, the enhancement of communications with expatriates all over the world and linking them economically to their home country.


27 Oct. 2016

IDAL, in collaboration with the Beirut Arab University Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Beirut and Mount Lebanon, Bank Egypt Lebanon, and Lebanon fund for Development and Innovation, sponsored today the launch of the Iklim Fund for Development and Innovation at the Beirut Arab University Campus in Debbiyyeh. In his word, Chairman Eng. Nabil Itani, declared that this initiative aims at enhancing sustainable economic development, thus resulting in a positive impact on social development, through the creation of a business environment that encourages young people to initiate projects and establish SMEs. He pointed out that the establishment of such funds contributes to the creation of a development scene with sustainable dimensions on the short and long terms, which will lead to ease displacement and migration, transfer technology and knowledge and exchange of experiences. The Fund's role is to assist in the implementation of investment projects across linked and consecutive services provided to the project.


24 Oct. 2016

IDAL co-sponsored the “Lebanese week in Oman”. In his speech at the opening ceremony, Chairman Nabil Itani presented Lebanon`s investment opportunities, stressing the fact that the Sultanate and Lebanon enjoy competitive economic advantages, which entitles them to play a leading role each in its surroundings. He called upon the development of bilateral relations at all economic levels, thus contributing to enhancing this leading role. Eng. Itani held side work meetings to enhance the partnership between the two countries.

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