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Clean Tech

In 2016, the global clean tech sector reached a market size of USD 3.78 trillion representing about 5% of global GDP. Lebanon presents many opportunities to invest and grow the use of clean technology across various industries due to the presence of natural resources.




  • Lebanon is contributing to 0.06% of global GHG emissions.
  • Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions increased at a rate of 229% from 1990 to 2012.
  • The energy sector is the largest emitter of GHG emissions in Lebanon.




  • Highly skilled and multi-lingual labor force: Lebanon ranks 18th worldwide for the Quality of its higher Educational System and 4th for the quality its Math and Sciences Education.
  • Competitive labor cost: the average wage of software engineers is 27% less than in the GCC and 55% less than in selected developed economies.
  • Booming regional market for Tech services: Lebanon’s strategic position allows it to serve expanding markets. In 2016, high technology exports USD 32 million.
  • A flourishing scientific community: more than 5 public institutions working on environmental research and issues and more than 16 environmental centers and institutes spread across 5 universities.
  • Rising regional demand for clean tech innovation: The launch of a sustainable energy program and renewable energy plan is a precedence for the MENA region due to the growing energy demand
  • A thriving supporting system: with the proliferation of incubators and business development centers and the increase of financial support by the government and international institutions.




  • Water and Wastewater Management: main investment opportunities include monitoring, forecasts and process controls, organic nutrients and solids treatment, and metals or organics removal/recovery.
  • Agriculture Sector: Investing in biotechnology and precision agriculture via hardware and software applications induce to a 20% increase on yields.
  • Solid Waste Management: more than 40 recycling centers and hubs are operating in Lebanon, contributing to the development of the industry.
  • Transportation: fuel efficient vehicles present considerable saving opportunities of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, ranging from 30 to 60%.
  • Energy: Investment opportunities comprise energy optimization solutions, hydropower, PC and CSP solar power, biomass and wind power.
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