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Agro Industry


  • Agrofood sector generated 35% of the industrial sector output in 2016.
  • 1,401 companies are involved in agro-industrial activities.
  • Mount Lebanon gathers 43% of agrofood industries.
  • 18% of agrofood companies are engaged in dairy production.
  • 24% of agrofood consumption by household is fresh meats.



  • Agrofood products accounted for 17% of total exports and 21% of total industrial exports in 2017.
  • Key exported agrofood products include sugars and confectionary at 32% of total agrofood exports followed by beverages, spirits and vinegar (19.7%).
  • Arab countries are receiving the highest share of agrofood exports with Syria, Iraq Jordan rank first, second and third respectively within this category.



  • Opportunities in olive oil industry exist in the production of extra virgin olive oil from new varieties of olive as well as flavored oils.
  • 113 oil mills of which 27% are located in North Lebanon.
  • Exports reached 7,703 tons in 2017, with USA & Kuwait topping the destinations.
  • New varieties of olive such as Barnea (Senolia), Frantoio and other olive varieties obtained through new breeding techniques as well as flavored olive oils.
  • The availability of livestock in the country paves the way for important investment opportunities in manufacturing organic dairy products such as flavored milks and dairy snacks.
  • 167 dairy factories mainly concentrated in Bekaa and Mount Lebanon.
  • Dairy products exports reached 73,504 tons in 2017.
  • New opportunities exist for manufacturing organic dairy products like flavored milks and dairy snacks.
  • The high quality of soil in Lebanon allows for a flourishing wine industry and the future success for the Lebanese wine in international markets.
  • 59 wineries of which 47% are located in Mount Lebanon.
  • Wine Production reached 14,700 tons in 2014.
  • Investment opportunities exist in wine tourism activities (wine countries, traditional vineyards, wine festival and tasting tours…)
  • Dried fruits and nuts value chain in Lebanon can be reshaped to create higher value and become a consistent supplier to regional markets after addressing the EU quality certification requirements.
  • 130 roasteries are available in Lebanon of which 40% are located in Mount Lebanon.
  • Exports of dried fruits and nuts reached 196,975 tons in 2017 and valued at USD 66 million.
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