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M.LEB Program

The "Maritime Lebanese Exports Bridge" (M.LEB) program was launched by IDAL in 2015 following a Council of Ministers decision (Resolution No.1, dated 02.07.2015) aimed at giving IDAL a treasury credit of 21 Billion LBP to cover a part of the cost of Lebanese products exported to Arab countries by sea.


The M.LEB program consists of subsidizing the difference between land-route transport costs and maritime transport costs before the closure of borders, for both agricultural and industrial exports to the Arab countries.


This program, which spanned over seven months, was renewed starting May 5th, 2016 till March 31st, 2017 or until the allocated amount is spent (following the Council Minister Decision No.134, dated 05.05.2016). It was then renewed twice (following the Council of Ministers Decision Resolution No.11 and No.35, dated 17.05.2017 and 21.05.2018 respectively) for one year and a half year till December 31st, 2018.




  • Ensure and maintain the flow of Lebanese products to traditional markets, particularly the Gulf states, Iraq and Jordan
  • Sustain a balance between supply and demand of Lebanese goods by facilitating the export of Lebanese products
  • Uphold consumer's confidence in the Lebanese product and quality
  • Confirm the credibility of Lebanese producers, industrialists, and farmers towards their trading partners in these markets and their ability to meet their commitments toward third parties




The M.LEB Program lies on three main pillars: 

  • Contributing in opening a regular shipping line between the Lebanese ports and the target markets for the transportation of Lebanese exports by sea
  • Facilitating the transport of about 35 trucks a day loaded with Lebanese agricultural, industrial, and agro-food products to key target markets
  • Granting a direct subsidy for each truck transporting Lebanese products to the target countries across the sea, and using vessels of various forms (RORO) or (ROPax), depending on the shipping lines, either directly through the Suez Canal or indirectly through the Egyptian ports



All natural and legal Lebanese people who are involved in the export of Lebanese agricultural, industrial and agro-food products shall benefit from the subventions provided by the program. The beneficiaries are split into six categories:

  • Agricultural exporters enrolled in the "AgriPlus" Program
  • Agricultural exporters not enrolled in the "AgriPlus" Program
  • Industrial Exporters
  • Agro-food Exporters
  • Shipping and land transport companies
  • Marine transportation companies



  • The value of the subsidy shall be determined as a lump sum for each truck transported through the program to the ports of Duba and Aqaba either directly through the Suez Canal or indirectly through the Egyptian ports, using the Egyptian territory depending on the vessel's kind (RORO or ROPax) and the sailing line it takes.
  • IDAL shall settle the subsidy directly to the shipping company on periodic basis after the trip (from Lebanese ports to the ports of Duba and Aqaba and from these ports back to Lebanon).
  • The payment is made via a bank transfer to the account of the shipping companies, knowing that the settlement of the due amount is subject to the resolution of the Minister of Finance No. 446 /i dated 14/03/2006.


To download the M.LEB Programplease click here.

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