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Navigate Lebanon

The company was founded in the US in 2006 by 3 ambitious Lebanese engineers who were educated and worked in the US for many years. The company moved to Lebanon in 2008 under the name of NavLeb S.A.L. The Lebanese company became specialized in map development, GPS Navigation, GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Systems, Online Services and GIS Services. Through local partners, the company offers its Fleet Management services to customers in the Levant, GCC and Africa markets. Today, Navleb is recognized as one of the leading GPS tracking system companies in Lebanon.


Sub-sector: Software
Investment Size: USD 367,287
Jobs Created: 19
Type of Investments: Greenfield
Nationality of Investors: Lebanese
Approval Date: 2008
Operation Date: 2009
Type of Incentive Scheme from IDAL: Investment Project by Zone (IPZ)
Website: www.navleb.com

For more information, please download the Project Fiche.