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Roasting and Food Processing Plant "AlRifai"

Established in 1948 as a small family business, AlRifai developed to become a leader in the roaster industry in Lebanon. The company has today over 60 points of sale in Lebanon as well as 6 stores and 160 point of sales across the GCC and the Levant region. Today the company is planning to enter new markets such as Europe, America and West Asia. For this reason, the company is in the final phase of launching its plant in Halat, Jbeil to increase its current yearly production capacity to meet the increasing demand for its products. 


Sub Sector: Food Products
Investment Size: USD 4.5 million
Expected Direct Job Creation: 97
Type of Investment: Expansion
Nationality of Investor: Lebanese
Approval Date: 2016
Operation Date: 2016
Type of Incentive Scheme from IDAL: Package Deal Contract (PDC)
Website: www.alrifai.com


For more information, please download the Project Fiche.