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19 | Feb 2016
Dubai, UAE

IDAL’s chairman, Eng. Nabil Itani, participated at the at the opening of the Lebanese Pavilion in Gulfood Fair, organized in Dubai between February 19th  and 21th, 2016, in the presence of the Lebanese consul in Dubai Sami Nmeir and the president of Syndicate of Lebanese Food industrialists (SLFI) Ahmad Hoteit, as well as many Lebanese participants.

During the opening, Eng. Itani stated that the food industry in Lebanon is very promising since it has the potential and readiness for growth. He considered that Lebanon's participation in this exhibition emphasizes the regional and global presence of the Lebanese food industry and its ability to compete. Itani said that this exhibition is an important platform for the sector`s exports towards the Arab and international markets, in light of the growing popularity of Mediterranean cuisine in general and Lebanese products in particular, and of the deployment of the Lebanese diaspora in several countries in the region and in the world. 

He added: "Gulfood is an enticing event for Food Industries from all over the world and the region. Lebanon has begun to take its role in regional and global markets in line with the growth achieved by the food industry in terms of production quality, packaging or export."

The Gulfood, which hosts annually more than 5,000 exhibitors - food industrialists, receives 90 thousand visitors from 160 countries from around the world. 53Lebanese industrialists have participated in this year`s version, 40 of them within the Lebanese Pavilion, and 13 in sectoral wings.