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Legal Proceedings



The Lebanese Arbitration Center was established in May 8, 1995 in close affiliation with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, whose by-laws and regulations are similar to those of the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris. The Lebanese Arbitration Center relies on the Lebanese Procedural Code for the regulation of internal and international arbitration.


  • The amendment introduced by law 440/2002 to the Code of Civil Procedure gave more efficiency to the arbitration procedure: arbitration is possible in all kind of commercial, civil and public contracts noting that in the latter case the arbitration clause or agreement should be approved by a decree issued in the council of the ministers.
  • The arbitration procedure is liberal and developed. Arbitration sentences are given exequatur on the condition that they respect the public order.
  • It is important to note that Lebanon has ratified the convention of New York of 1958 relating to international arbitration and the Washington convention of 1965 relating to the settlement of investments disputes between governments and investors of other countries (ICSID).
  • Moreover, all of the bilateral and multilateral treaties, agreements and contracts signed by Lebanon, and which are related to the protection of investments and other commercial issues, include the possibility of resolving disputes by arbitration.
  • Law no. 360 of August 16, 2001 on the Promotion of Investments in Lebanon offers the possibility of resolving the disputes arising from Package Deal Contracts signed between the Government of Lebanon represented by IDAL and the investor by amicable settlement otherwise by arbitration according to the procedure mentioned in the Lebanese law or any international arbitration center.



54 bilateral Agreements for the Promotion and Protection of Investments provide foreign investors with a legal framework whereby the most favorable setting is established between Lebanon and the 53 contracting partners. The treaties provide a fair and equitable treatment on a non-discriminatory basis, and a full protection and security of foreign investments in both countries.



The practice of ADR (Mediation, Conciliation…) in all kind of contracts is growing in Lebanon even though that it has no special regulation. The Lebanese Arbitration Center has a special procedure for conciliation and mediation, which conforms to international practice.

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