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Taxation Schemes in Lebanon

This section provides detailed information on the different taxes and exemptions that a national or foreign investors can encounter when operating a business in Lebanon:


Income Taxes which include:
    • Corporate Tax on Profits: which stands at 17% for corporations and between 4% and 21% for individuals
    • Taxes on Wages and Salaries or the Payroll Tax: which currently range between 2% and 20%
    • Taxes on Income from Movable Capital: which currently stands at 10%


Other Types of Taxes which include:
    • Social Security Contribution: which currently stands at 21.5% for employers and 2% for employees
    • Property Tax: which ranges from 0 to 14%
    • Value Added Tax (VAT): which currently stands at 11%
    • Stamp and Custom Duties: with a stamp duty of 4% charged on most contracts and custom duties ranging from 0 to 70%


Exemptions and Reliefs which include:
    • Exemptions from corporate tax on profits  for holding companies, offshore companies, education institutes, hospitals, cooperative associations, trade unions, local air and sea transport companies, and touristic establishments
    • A 30% reduction on the taxable salary of foreign employees at offshore companies when working in Lebanon
    • Exemption from paying social security contributions for foreigners if they are working in Lebanon pursuant to a contract concluded abroad with foreign enterprises and if they are covered by a similar benefit at home

For more information on the different types of Tax Schemes available, please download the PDF.


In addition, investors can benefit from the multiple double taxation agreements that the Lebanese government has concluded with more than 32 countries which not only avoid double taxation, but also protects against fiscal evasion.


For more information on the Double Taxation Treaties signed by the Lebanese government, please download the PDF.

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Taxation Schemes in Lebanon
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