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Investment Promotion


Pre-Investment Stage

  • Provide economic, commercial and legal information of relevance to investors
  • Identify business opportunities across various economic sectors
  • Provide data, foresights and assessment of economic sectors with growth potential
  • Develop statistics on foreign investments in Lebanon
  • Mediate contacts between investors and entrepreneurs to identify potential joint-venture opportunities
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Financing Stage

  • Fiscal Incentives: including exemptions from paying the corporate income tax generated from the project activities.  A Zero tax rate for a period running up to 10 years if available for projects which meet certain criteria
  • Other Financial Incentives: including reductions on work & residence permits fees, land registration fees, etc.
  • Non-Financial Incentives: including granting work permits for employees of the investment project
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Licensing Stage

  • IDAL supersedes all public administrations, authorities and municipalities in issuing administrative permits and licenses except those granted by the Council of Ministers
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