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Film Industry



  • The Film industry has seen a significant growth over the last 4 years as measured by the numbers of Lebanese films produced per year, hovering at 31 units in 2015 with an approximate investment value of USD 32.4 million, which represent a significant growth compared to a yearly average of 11 and an investment size of USD 8.8 million produced in the previous 4-year period.
  • Film production growth in Lebanon since 2004 has reached record levels of 675%.
  • The sector employed around 1000 individuals (direct employment) in 2014.




Filmmakers can take advantage of Lebanon’s unique filming resources including:


  • Media Talents and Production Companies: Lebanon’s audiovisual industry has gained a unique position locally and regionally. Lebanon offers a good depth of experienced crews speaking fluent English, French and Arabic at a low cost relative to the region.
  • There are around 97 production/post-production houses in Lebanon that offer a wide spectrum of production facilities like professional studios equipped with state of the art facilities.
  • Filming Scenery: Filmmakers can take advantage of Lebanon’s unique and diversified scenery resources including a blend of Middle Eastern, European and ancient architecture, that could cater to almost any type of staging required, namely beaches, country sides, and urban cities.
  • Film Location Permits: Lebanon is one of the most liberal countries in the Middle East. It is relatively easy and quick to get a filming permit in Lebanon, granted by the Ministry of Information.




Financial Support


  • BDL Guaranteed Loans

2016 is seeing major support to the creative industry and more specifically the Media Industry. The Central Bank of Lebanon issued in April of 2016 circular 416 which provides Financial Institutions and Commercial Banks with guarantees for loans to companies operating in the Media sector. This circular is an amendment to the already existing basic circular No. 6116. This amendment will give Lebanese companies operating in the field of (1) Film Production and Post-Production, (2) Production of TV series and documentaries, and (3) Production of plays with the opportunity to benefit from loans with 1% interest rate. These loans are granted to finance the production of Lebanese works of art (cinema and TV movies, documentaries, plays) according to the following conditions:

- The loan does not exceed a period of 16 years including 2 years grace period
- The loan amount does not exceed LBP 4,500,000,0000
- The work is carried out in Lebanon by at least 90%

For additional information please click here

  • A 100% tax exemption on corporate profits for a period of up to 10 years, granted by the Investment Development Authority of Lebanon (IDAL) through Investment Law No.360.  For more information on Investment Incentives, please click here 
  • Equity investments guaranteed at 75% by the Central Bank of Lebanon through Circular 331, in companies operating in the field of Digital Media
  • Grants ranging up to 10,000 USD per film and for 10 films annually granted by the Ministry of Culture


External Promotion and Marketing

  • IDAL has the mandate to support the promotion and marketing of Lebanese products. It has supported the promotion of Lebanese films and the movie industry at Cannes Film Festival 2015
  • The Ministry of Tourism through the Office du Tourism has for the last 10 years provided support to the industry at the Cannes Film Festival which is the largest festival held annually
  • Fondation Liban Cinema  is the Lebanese non-profit entity which traditionally supports the participation in foreign festivals to increase exposure to Lebanese talents and foster the internationalization of the Lebanese industry.


Capacity Building


  • Beirut DC annually organizes training workshops for amateurs and semi-professionals for all cinema-related professions
  • The FLC annually sponsors the participation of selected scriptwriters and producers in workshops organized at Cannes Film Festival, in addition to organizing workshops locally
  • AFAC Institution has established a scriptwriting workshop for the Cinema Grantees
  • The Screen Academy under “Screen Institute Beirut plans to set up its teaching premises in Central Beirut


MOU with the FLC

On March 27,2015, a memorandum of understanding was signed between IDAL and the FLC. This MoU will forge a mutual cooperation between IDAL and FLC to promote the Lebanese film industry  and support the participation in foreign festivals to increase exposure to Lebanese talents and foster the internationalization of this promising industry.

Film Industry Fact Book 2015
MOU with the FLC
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