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Export Requirements

Exporters in Lebanon have access to a wide range of online resources that help them to understand key technical and non-technical export requirements for their targeted markets as well as applicable tax and duties.


Several online platforms provide in a user-friendly format accurate and up-to-date information on export requirements that is useful for decision-making and for any export plan.


Exporters from Lebanon wishing to enter the US market will benefit from zero custom duties on many products under the Generalized System of Preferences (GSP).

Exporters can visit the website of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to know about all the requirements to export to the US.

Agrifood companies need be aware that their facilities need to be registered with the US Food and Drug Association in order to be able to export food products to the US. They can register either by themselves or with the help of a broker in the US.


Exporters from Lebanon wishing to enter the EU market will benefit from zero customs thanks to the Free Trade Agreement signed with the European Union (The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Agreement). Exporters can get all the information they need on rules and regulations to export to the EU through two main websites:


EU Trade Helpdesk is a user-friendly portal that enables exporters to access information on the European Union (EU) market requirements. Through this website, exporters have access to statistics, information on EU technical, safety, and labelling requirements, information on rules of origin, Value Added Tax and other duties in each EU country and other useful information that is important to trade with the EU.


EUROMED Trade Helpdesk is a free one-stop-shop online portal for country and product-specific information on tariffs and duties, import and export procedures, and market requirements in the Euro Mediterranean Region. Exporters can use it to analyze business opportunities and market access requirements or post an enquiry to connect with a network of institutions for help in finding more market information on Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Turkey.


Exporters from Lebanon wishing to enter the GCC markets will benefit from zero customs thanks to the Free Trade Agreement signed with the Arab Countries (Greater Arab Free Trade Area (GAFTA). To know more about all the rules and regulations to export to the GCC countries, exporters need to check the customs of each GCC country. However, for agrifood companies, they can access the following user-friendly website:


TASDIER is a user-friendly online platform for export requirements for agrofood products only providing exporters data on technical requirements and customs regulations for Lebanese exports. The database is collected from online sources and/or linked to the appropriate websites, revealing information about export requirements for fresh and processed agrofood products regularly imported from Lebanon.

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