I want to
apply for IDAL’s incentives
know if I qualify for IDAL’s incentives
request IDAL’s support through the BSU
know if I qualify for the BSU Support
to know what are the BSU services
know what are the steps to open a business
know what are the licenses and permits needed to open a business
know more about Investment Opportunities in Lebanon
operate in Lebanon
export from Lebanon
access Global ICT Bids
What does the BSU do?

The BSU at IDAL will provide start-ups and innovators operating in the productive sectors with the support needed to operate and grow. The BSU will provide eligible start-ups with information, advice and licensing services.


Information and advice concerning pre-incorporation stage:

  • Advice on the most optimal type of legal structure.
  • How to register a company and the required documents.
  • Intellectual property and how to register a domain, trademark and patents.
  • Advice on registered address.
  • Information on Shareholder’s Agreement.
  • Other information relevant at that stage


Information and advice on how to run your company:

  • Information on the content of Non-Disclosure Agreement.
  • Advice on Employment Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, etc.
  • How to operate changes in business (add or remove a director, change official address or company name).
  • Agreement with vendors, suppliers and prospective clients.
  • Information on Government registration opening up an office or shop or register as an exporter.
  • Information on future funding rounds.
  • Information on web or app related terms of service, privacy policies, disclaimers and service notices.
  • Other information relevant at that stage


And finally, licensing services in order to facilitate the procedures necessary to establish and register a company.

What are the limitations of the BSU?

The BSU role is limited to the above. Therefore it cannot replace the lawyer or the auditor of the company. In other terms, an investor who wants to establish a start up or a company in Lebanon will still be required to appoint a lawyer to his new company in order to prepare the necessary legal documentations and register the company. As well, it will still be required to appoint an auditor responsible to prepare the necessary financial reports of the company.

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