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Clean Technology

The global clean tech sector has been growing at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2012 to 2015. Lebanon presents many opportunities to invest and grow the use of clean technology across various industries due to the presence of natural resources.


  • Agriculture Sector: Agriculture in Lebanon still relies on traditional methods, but a number of Lebanese companies are starting to innovate in this sector. Investment opportunities include biotechnology and precision agriculture via hardware and software applications, which can have a 20% increase on yields.
  • Water and Wastewater Management: Total renewable water resources in Lebanon are estimated to be 839m3 per capita per year in 2015. The main investment opportunities for water and wastewater management are in: Monitoring, forecasts and process controls, Organic nutrients and solids treatment, and Metals or organics removal/recovery.
  • Solid Waste Management: Lebanon generates an average of 2.55 million tons of waste annually. Adopting a zero waste strategy in Lebanon can generate USD 135.7 million over a period of 20 years. This can be achieved through investments in web-based recycling platforms and waste-to-energy technologies.
  • Transportation: GHG emissions from the transport system accounts for 21.41% of Lebanon’s total GHG emissions in 2000. Fuel efficient vehicles including natural gas buses, hybrid electric cars and fuel-efficient gasoline vehicles present considerable saving opportunities of energy consumption and CO2 emissions for all vehicle segments, ranging from 30 to 60%.
  • Energy: Lebanon is a net energy importing country. However, Lebanon possesses more renewable energy sources than many other countries in the region. Investment opportunities include energy optimization solutions, hydropower, PC and CSP solar power, biomass and wind power.
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